2022 Schedule and Results

Open A

18:45 AMUpper Bunk12Cream City Brickhards6Upper Bunk
19:30 AMHamms Bombers24Zambronies14Hamms Bombers31
111:00 AMFitzgerald Freighters9Cream City Brickhards8Fitzgerald Freighters40
112:30 PMUpper Bunk8Zambronies9Cream City Brickhards03
12:00 PMFitzgerald Freighters9Hamms Bombers5Zambronies12
14:15 PMUpper Bunk5Fitzgerald Freighters12
15:00 PMCream City Brickhards8Hamms Bombers10
15:45 PMZambronies7Fitzgerald Freighters16
16:30 PMHamms Bombers12Upper Bunk4
17:15 PMZambroniesCream City Brickhards

Open B

18:00 AMChicks with Sticks14Salt Lake City Sky Rats8Pool A
28:00 AMMABAS11The Short Sticks4Chicks with Sticks21
28:45 AMBrymer’s Boys20Pucker Up3Brymer’s Boys30
29:30 AMFighting Moose Knuckle9FIBS12Salt Lake Sky Rats12
211:45 AMPucker Up9Salt Lake City Sky Rats14Pucker Up03
212:30 PMChicks with Sticks5Brymer’s Boys12
11:15 PMMABAS6Fighting Moose Knuckle15Pool BWinsLosses
13:30 PMPucker Up6Chicks with Sticks11MABAS21
23:30 PMMABAS8FIBS6Fighting Moose Knuckle21
24:15 PMThe Short Sticks2Fighting Moose Knuckle5The Short Sticks03
25:00 PMSalt Lake City Sky Rats6Brymer’s Boys15FIBS21
26:30 PMFIBS7The Short Sticks4
18:00 PMPool A Champion: Brymer’s Boys 5Pool B Champion: Moose Knuckle 6

Open C

38:00 AMLiquid Johnny’s Mullet Garden11Chicago Grayhawks A8Pool A
38:45 AMCold Snacks5Rats 115Cold Snacks03
39:30 AMSheboygan Nose Beers11Rats 28Hawaii 5-Hole30
211:00 AMRats 217Chicago Grayhawks A12Rats 121
311:00 AMHawaii 5-Hole8Purple Cobras4Purple Cobras12
21:15 PMChicago Grayhawks A9Sheboygan Nose Beers10
31:15 PMCold Snacks2Hawaii 5-Hole12Pool BWinsLosses
22:00 PMLiquid Johnny’s Mullet Garden15Rats 29Liquid Johnny’s Mullet Garden30
32:00 PMPurple Cobras3Rats 15Sheboygan Nose Beers21
34:15 PMSheboygan Nose Beers3Liquid Johnny’s Mullet Garden8Chicago Grayhawks A03
35:45 PMPurple Cobras7Cold Snacks6Rats 212
36:30 PMRats 19Hawaii 5-Hole10
28:00 PMPool A Champion: Hawaii 5-hole4Pool B Champion: Liquid Johny’s3 (OT)

Open D

110:15 AMThe Beers7JF Flyers8Pool A
210:15 AMNeedle Dekes7Trainwreck13JF Flyers12
310:15 AMHicksters6Cuban Raft Riders13Hicksters21
311:45 AMPucks Abides5Iron League8The Beers03
312:30 PMJF Flyers7Hicksters14Cuban Raft Riders30
12:45 PMNeedle Dekes9Pucks Abides4
32:45 PMIron League8Trainwreck10Pool BWinsLosses
33:30 PMThe Beers5Hicksters14Needle Dekes12
35:00 PMJF Flyers3Cuban Raft Riders14Pucks Abides03
25:45 PMIron League11Needle Dekes8Trainwreck30
27:15 PMCuban Raft Riders12The Beers4Iron League21
37:15 PMTrainwreckPucks Abides
38:00 PMPool A Champion: Raft Riders6Pool B ChampionTrainwreck 15

Odd Pucks

58:45 AMOff Constantly2Vulturez15Off Constantly13
111:45 AMPerret Homes8Off Constantly10Vulturez30
51:15 PMOff Constantly7Perret Homes9Perret Homes12
22:45 PMPerret Homes3Vulturez14
53:30 PMVulturez19Off Constantly5
48:00 PMVulturez14Perret Homes6


59:30 AMPatriots4Elsiniore Hosers14People’s Republic of Evanston40
510:15 AMPalm Isle7Original Xtra Sexy10Patriots03
411:45 AMPatriots1People’s Republic of Evanston18Original Xtra Sexy31
512:30 PMElsiniore Hosers4Palm Isle12Palm Isle22
42:00 PMOriginal Xtra Sexy5People’s Republic of Evanston9Elsiniore Hosers13
43:30 PMPalm Isle20Patriots3
54:15 PMOriginal Xtra Sexy11Elsiniore Hosers7
45:45 PMPeople’s Republic of Evanston11Elsiniore Hosers4
57:15 PMOriginal Xtra Sexy14Patriots3
58:00 PMPeople’s Republic of Evanston4Palm Isle2

Legends A

48:00 AMHigh West10Foxz6High West22
58:00 AMDC Cherry Pickers6Old Redhawks7DC Cherry Pickers21
410:15 AMOld Buzzards4Foxz17Old Buzzards04
411:00 AMHigh West4Old Redhawks6Foxz12
412:30 PMDC Cherry Pickers14Old Buzzards5Old Redhawks40
42:45 PMHigh West7DC Cherry Pickers10
52:45 PMOld Redhawks7Old Buzzards1
45:00 PMOld Buzzards4High West7
55:45 PMFoxz2Old Redhawks6
47:15 PMFoxzDC Cherry Pickers.

Legends B

48:45 AMPeckers7Cherry Peckers6Moonlight Flyers13
49:30 AMMoonlight Flyers3Chicago Grayhawks B21Peckers31
511:00 AMFluffernutters4Cherry Peckers12Fluffernutters04
511:45 AMMoonlight Flyers5Peckers10Chicago Grayhawks B40
41:15 PMChicago Grayhawks B20Fluffernutters4Cherry Peckers22
42:00 PMCherry Peckers7Moonlight Flyers6
44:15 PMCherry Peckers6Chicago Grayhawks B14
55:00 PMPeckers11Fluffernutters3
46:30 PMChicago Grayhawks B17Peckers2
56:30 PMMoonlight Flyers12Fluffernutters5

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