Baileys Harbor is taking hockey back to the pond at this year’s new Winter Carnival.

The first Door County Pond Hockey Tournament will take place on three rinks cleared on Kangaroo Lake Feb. 8.

Pond hockey is essentially a pickup version of hockey, with 4 players to a side (regular hockey has six) and no goalies. The goals are small wooden boxes with two small holes in them. Pond hockey is a game of finesse, with no checking or pads.

Tournament founder Brian Fitzgerald worked with the Baileys Harbor Community Association to get the idea off the ground, and even with a short run-up to the event he expects a solid turnout in year one.

“We expect to attract at least 12 teams this year,” Fitzgerald said. “If we get more interest we’ll be able to make room – we’ll just have a lot of work to do!”

Four rinks will be cleared on the lake, one for family and recreational play and three for tournament play, and a beer and food tent will be erected on the ice as well.

“We’ll have play in three divisions,” Fitzgerald said. “A division for players over 40, one for players with professional, collegiate or junior level experience, and one for those who’ve played at the high school, recreational or pickup level.”

The event is organized by the Peninsula Pacers, the group behind the Door County Half Marathon, Door County Beer Festival, the Ride for Nature and the Peninsula Century Ride.

Rosters, waivers, and $250 team registration fees must be submitted by Monday, Feb. 3. Email Brian Fitzgerald at for more information.

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